Landon Williams

Founder and CEO of Primitive Mind Productions, Landon Williams is a narratively trained Writer/Director who's ability to organize and visualize prior to execution has allowed him to blaze new trails with experimental and abstract film styles.

After graduating film school in 2004, Landon hit the ground running working consistantly as a director ever since. Most recently Landon spent three years with reknowned Commercial House, Cucoloris in Hollywood California as a Commercial Director, where he was priviledged to work and train alongside commercial powerhouse director, Danny Ducovny. Cucoloris has produced commercial campaigns for every major advertising agency in America, as well as agencies in Europe, South America, and Asia. After several years concieving and directing commercials for major companies such as, Audi, Mitsubishi, and Muscle Farm, Landon decided to step out of the commercial world and make his mark on the narrative landscape. 

His feature film, Anabolic Life, (Starring Sharon Lawrence and Daniel Baldwin), was completed in the spring of 2017 and picked up immediately by Gravitas Distribution. It was picked up so fast, in fact, that they only had time to participate in one of film festivals they were accepted to before their domestic release in December 2017. At the prestigous Orlando Film festival, Anabolic life swept the award nominations picking up eight nominated catagories, including Best Director and Best Picture. Upon the world wide release in January 2018, Anabolic Life garnered even more attention as the rave reviews poured in from all over the globe and the foreign markets. 

As a hands on director trained in both the cinematography and editing processes, Mr. Williams recently patented a new visual style in cinema known as HDRMP(High Dynamic Range Motion Picture). This "new look" is a proprietary workflow that results in an image with breathtaking cinematic highlight and shadow detail, and it's exactly what the new wave of Graphic novel and comic book style films are lookiing for. His Film, Anabolic Life, has the honor of being the first feature length fully HDR film.

Landon is currently working with Lisa Fields Casting on his current comedy feature, Even The Losers, shooting summer of 2018 in Los Angeles as well as on the horror feature, 80's Party, slated to shoot in November of 2018.

Landon is currently involved in multiple high profile projects within the entertainment industry and has access to an impressive slate of films.